Lake Eucumbene

My son has just returned from a fishing trip to Lake Eucumbene. The water levels at the lake are at about 20%. Although, this is higher than the middle of last year when the level was down to 10%. Last time I was there, in about 2005, we had a water view from the porch, now that bay is nothing more than a mud flat. Usually you only had to dodge trees and the occassional fence posts while out on the lake, now the ruins of homes and buildings left when the valley was flooded in the ’50s have reemerged like ghosts from the past. Old bridges that go no where are reminders of links to a small town that was the heart of a larger rural community. Geez, the imagination easily starts to go wild…

Someone (hmmm) didn’t take any photos of the lake as it is now while he was there, but I did find a link from NASAs earth observatory, which has satellite pics of the lake from 2005-2007. The most recent picture is from March 2007, when the water level was at about 17%, a little lower than currently. The receding shore is clearly visible.

Memories of the lake, for me, are of the lake, as my family has been holidaying there since the late 60s. My first trip to Lake Eucumbene was at the grand age of 6 months, funnily enough I don’t remember that trip, or the one after that or probably the next half dozen or so, lol. We’d go most every summer and sometimes during the year as well. Fishing, swimming, riding, walking, running from bulls, dodging rabbits, the wind… ahh, the memories. When I was young we’d camp on properties, later we started to stay at Buckenderra (hope I spelt that correctly). They had this modular space ship looking thing, kind of like a large flattened sphere on legs. It used to fascinate us kids… we always wanted to see inside but never managed to.

Even though I’ve been in green and sunny Queensland for almost 20 years, a trip to the lake still feels like home with it’s gums and rocks and long brown grasses… will have to find a way to go there this year I think, starting to feel a definite longing…

ABC Canberra – June 2007 story on lake
Above link is gone, refound here >> pity the film is gone now 😦

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Night Bloomer

A little explanation for the photo ‘NightBloomer’ in ‘Plants and things’ album

We missed it the last time this plant flowered a few weeks ago, but tonight WOOHOO!!! The flower has the most amazing fragrance. I’m not sure exactly what the plant is, although I suspect it is part of the Epiphyllum family. Some guy came knocking on my door a few years ago and talked me into buying this little green scrap in a pot, lol. In my defence, he did have photos of what the flowers would look like… a few years later and we finally have seen our first flowers from it. Only thing is I can’t actually remember him telling me that they only bloomed at night, lmao, which is probably why we missed the last flowers!

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Hail astronomy!

Oooo, I’m having fun with this… the NASA astronomy picture of the day module is really cool!!! Loads quick!

I find myself ‘longing for the stars’ when I look at the amazing pictures they capture. Yep, astronomy! Another interest I can never seem to find time to learn more about, lol. Although there are a couple of websites that I can spend hours exploring. One of them being The Planetary Society.

When standing outside looking up at the stars, I’m reminded how insignificant we actually are. Here we are on this single planet, orbiting a lonely star somewhere near the outer edge of our galaxy, surrounded by other galaxies. Insignificant!!! Then the question always becomes “Are we alone?” My first reaction is “Impossible! Just look at the sheer number of stars, somewhere out there…” Of course, I do believe there is life out there, I just don’t know what kind of life or if we will ever find out for certain.

There are projects looking for signs of intelligent life out there. One is Seti at home. It can be run as part of Boinc – Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Seti @home (not to be confused with other Seti projects) is listening for signals from outer space. Of course the likelihood of them ever finding a signal is next to nothing in my opinion. The relatively small area of the sky being searched, the age of the signals that could be received, the type of signals being looked for… in other words searching the right place in the sky, at exactly the right time, to catch a signal that is already 1000s of years old, from a civilisation that was able to send a signal that we could detect (considering the relatively small time frame that any civilisation exists and the even shorter turn over for new technologies) … real ‘needle in a haystack’ stuff, lol. Even with those negatives, I’ve been running Seti @home for years. Won’t find anything if it’s not being looked for and the more we look the better our technology and search methods will become!

It seems my blogs are going to become kind of a diary…

Where to find…
The Planetary Society
Seti at home

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How’s the music looking?

At least looking through the music I play in the car I can find some changes and new artists. I’ve noticed there has been more heavier music entering my music collection again in the last year at least. Might do a blog entry about that later. Country seems to have disappeared from the car completely and looking in my music collection, seems to have made it to the back of the CD drawers. Blues has mostly left the car, although I have been listening to some at home. Jazz is a fairly recent find for me, started wetting my toes with some jazz in the last few years, although not in the car. Granted, I admit, I always did prefer ‘alternate’ music. In my favourite playlist in the car at the moment I seem to have an interesting mix… Blondie, Hunters & Collectors, The Triffids, Nick Cave & the Badseeds, John Butler Trio, Evanescence, Gotye, Serj Tankian, Skindred and Finntroll to name a few. Skindred’s Nobody (Radio Dred-it) is perfect when stuck in traffic. Well, it doesn’t sound like anyone needs to break out the straight jacket yet, at least not about my music tastes, lol.

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Another two years?

Two years have passed and here my space has sat as empty as it’s always been, except for the obligatory profile pic and junk telling little about anything. It really doesn’t feel like two years, well 2 1/2 actually. How has that much time gone by? I tidied up and reorganised my almost empty profile and looked carefully at what it signifies in my life. Has there really been no change in my life for two years? Of course there has to have been. Am I still the same person I was back then? Of course not, life is full of changes, good and bad.

So why, I asked my self, am I still using the same profile picture and mostly the other junk as well? I did at least update my age, lol. This has now become my mystery to solve.

Life is made up of choices, we all know that, but I wonder how often have I looked back and seriously tried to understand which were the good choices and which really, really were not a good idea. Have I learnt anything from my choices? Can I see where my choices have taken me? Do I even understand what those choices have been? Or, have I just been floating down the river of my life, floating along not caring what is at the other end or how I get there?

Having asked these questions of myself and having no easy answer, it seems that maybe I haven’t changed as much as I could have, at least in certain areas of my life.

Hmm, so what happens now? Do I add this, my first ever blog, to my profile and then disappear for another two years? Or, maybe it’s time to learn something about my travel through life.

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