Another two years?

Two years have passed and here my space has sat as empty as it’s always been, except for the obligatory profile pic and junk telling little about anything. It really doesn’t feel like two years, well 2 1/2 actually. How has that much time gone by? I tidied up and reorganised my almost empty profile and looked carefully at what it signifies in my life. Has there really been no change in my life for two years? Of course there has to have been. Am I still the same person I was back then? Of course not, life is full of changes, good and bad.

So why, I asked my self, am I still using the same profile picture and mostly the other junk as well? I did at least update my age, lol. This has now become my mystery to solve.

Life is made up of choices, we all know that, but I wonder how often have I looked back and seriously tried to understand which were the good choices and which really, really were not a good idea. Have I learnt anything from my choices? Can I see where my choices have taken me? Do I even understand what those choices have been? Or, have I just been floating down the river of my life, floating along not caring what is at the other end or how I get there?

Having asked these questions of myself and having no easy answer, it seems that maybe I haven’t changed as much as I could have, at least in certain areas of my life.

Hmm, so what happens now? Do I add this, my first ever blog, to my profile and then disappear for another two years? Or, maybe it’s time to learn something about my travel through life.

Note: Confused? This post shipped from Windows Space.


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