How’s the music looking?

At least looking through the music I play in the car I can find some changes and new artists. I’ve noticed there has been more heavier music entering my music collection again in the last year at least. Might do a blog entry about that later. Country seems to have disappeared from the car completely and looking in my music collection, seems to have made it to the back of the CD drawers. Blues has mostly left the car, although I have been listening to some at home. Jazz is a fairly recent find for me, started wetting my toes with some jazz in the last few years, although not in the car. Granted, I admit, I always did prefer ‘alternate’ music. In my favourite playlist in the car at the moment I seem to have an interesting mix… Blondie, Hunters & Collectors, The Triffids, Nick Cave & the Badseeds, John Butler Trio, Evanescence, Gotye, Serj Tankian, Skindred and Finntroll to name a few. Skindred’s Nobody (Radio Dred-it) is perfect when stuck in traffic. Well, it doesn’t sound like anyone needs to break out the straight jacket yet, at least not about my music tastes, lol.

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