Hail astronomy!

Oooo, I’m having fun with this… the NASA astronomy picture of the day module is really cool!!! Loads quick!

I find myself ‘longing for the stars’ when I look at the amazing pictures they capture. Yep, astronomy! Another interest I can never seem to find time to learn more about, lol. Although there are a couple of websites that I can spend hours exploring. One of them being The Planetary Society.

When standing outside looking up at the stars, I’m reminded how insignificant we actually are. Here we are on this single planet, orbiting a lonely star somewhere near the outer edge of our galaxy, surrounded by other galaxies. Insignificant!!! Then the question always becomes “Are we alone?” My first reaction is “Impossible! Just look at the sheer number of stars, somewhere out there…” Of course, I do believe there is life out there, I just don’t know what kind of life or if we will ever find out for certain.

There are projects looking for signs of intelligent life out there. One is Seti at home. It can be run as part of Boinc – Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Seti @home (not to be confused with other Seti projects) is listening for signals from outer space. Of course the likelihood of them ever finding a signal is next to nothing in my opinion. The relatively small area of the sky being searched, the age of the signals that could be received, the type of signals being looked for… in other words searching the right place in the sky, at exactly the right time, to catch a signal that is already 1000s of years old, from a civilisation that was able to send a signal that we could detect (considering the relatively small time frame that any civilisation exists and the even shorter turn over for new technologies) … real ‘needle in a haystack’ stuff, lol. Even with those negatives, I’ve been running Seti @home for years. Won’t find anything if it’s not being looked for and the more we look the better our technology and search methods will become!

It seems my blogs are going to become kind of a diary…

Where to find…
The Planetary Society http://www.planetary.org
Seti at home http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/
Boinc http://boinc.berkeley.edu/

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