Lake Eucumbene

My son has just returned from a fishing trip to Lake Eucumbene. The water levels at the lake are at about 20%. Although, this is higher than the middle of last year when the level was down to 10%. Last time I was there, in about 2005, we had a water view from the porch, now that bay is nothing more than a mud flat. Usually you only had to dodge trees and the occassional fence posts while out on the lake, now the ruins of homes and buildings left when the valley was flooded in the ’50s have reemerged like ghosts from the past. Old bridges that go no where are reminders of links to a small town that was the heart of a larger rural community. Geez, the imagination easily starts to go wild…

Someone (hmmm) didn’t take any photos of the lake as it is now while he was there, but I did find a link from NASAs earth observatory, which has satellite pics of the lake from 2005-2007. The most recent picture is from March 2007, when the water level was at about 17%, a little lower than currently. The receding shore is clearly visible.

Memories of the lake, for me, are of the lake, as my family has been holidaying there since the late 60s. My first trip to Lake Eucumbene was at the grand age of 6 months, funnily enough I don’t remember that trip, or the one after that or probably the next half dozen or so, lol. We’d go most every summer and sometimes during the year as well. Fishing, swimming, riding, walking, running from bulls, dodging rabbits, the wind… ahh, the memories. When I was young we’d camp on properties, later we started to stay at Buckenderra (hope I spelt that correctly). They had this modular space ship looking thing, kind of like a large flattened sphere on legs. It used to fascinate us kids… we always wanted to see inside but never managed to.

Even though I’ve been in green and sunny Queensland for almost 20 years, a trip to the lake still feels like home with it’s gums and rocks and long brown grasses… will have to find a way to go there this year I think, starting to feel a definite longing…

ABC Canberra – June 2007 story on lake
Above link is gone, refound here >> pity the film is gone now 😦

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