Living in a new world…

Wow, where to start… never at the beginning, that’s a certainty, lol. A new world full of love and light and colours, that’s where I am. Still seems a little raw, a little too new to me and a whole lot overwhelming, but I have been assured that the roller coaster I’m on right now will end… hopefully sooner than later So why call it a new world? It’s different now, seen with new eyes, a new perspective. Imagine opening your eyes and looking at your hand and saying “That’s my hand, hello hand”, touching your hand and thinking to yourself that you’ve never been touched before… things I see everday now look different, sounds have a richness, colours have life, touch means something, the world isn’t so dim. Where was I before this wondrous moment? That I don’t know… locked away somewhere looking out at the world through 12 inch smoked glass, it would seem, lol.

Mmmm, at this moment I could be a cat, appreciate the moment like a cat… stretched out in the sun, a light breeze to tickle the senses, not a concern beyond this moment. I close my eyes and I can feel it, for the first time in my adult life appreciate this one moment in all it’s glory. But, blah, I’m not stretched out in the sun right now… but having thought of it, I will have to be shortly

Confused? This post shipped from Windows Space. Oh and this seems to be all I have from when I was “brought back”


3 thoughts on “Living in a new world…

  1. Oops, I had the settings all wrong *slaps self*… I never forgot my friends, just hoped they would forget me… sigh. Doesn\’t seem very logical lol

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