Lunch and a Perplexing Problem

I set the phone down and call out “Sweetheart, hurry! I need your help”. A giggle escapes from between my lips.

He returns, “Baby, I’m here. What do you need my love?” I can’t help giggling again.

“It sounds like a lunch date” I nod my head and continue with my son. I don’t know if I should dress up in case it’s the tavern, or dress down for Subway in the carpark”. I put on my most serious, perplexed face.

He brings his hand to his chin and begins to ponder my clothing quandary. After much serious discussion we decide the middle ground works and as he begins telling me a baseball anecdote, one with a home run walk, I giggle and whisper “I know, I’m being silly”.

He finishes his anecdote, and says “And my love, You being silly has to be my favorite part about you… Personality wise”

“Looks wise… I’m going to have to go with ass. I like that curvy mom bubble butt”.

I can’t help laughing as a blush races across my face.

See, you start acting silly and suddenly I start flirting with you“. He nods his head.

It feels good to be silly again *giggle*


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