More Sleep!

3am... argh, I just want to sleep longer

Salvatore Vuono

End Insomnia! That’s a bumper sticker I’d buy, or maybe less of a Save the World kind of feel… Insomniacs do it better! Actually I don’t think they would, the mind is a little too numb to be better. Ohh, Insomniacs, there all night! Much closer.

Okay, I don’t really feel like an insomniac. I’d call it times of Sleep Randomness. Three hours sleep is still three hours out. Nowhere near the mind numbing almost week without sleep that I survived in my early twenties… more than a few times. Let’s not think about functioning at work.

I wrote the above and slept another six hours. Really, wrote it and my eyes started to shut. I almost didn’t make it under the blankets. Sleep randomness it is.

Image: Salvatore Vuono /


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