Mmmmm Rain

Washed clean

MmmMMM, it’s raining today.

I Love Rain. Heavy rain. None of that bad hair day frizz for me. I crave rain that soaks within seconds, hair and clothes plastered to face and form. Rain that pounds without mercy. Breathless.

Nothing else exists. The world fades around me. I am, the rain is. As I come back to the world, I see everything renewed, the world fresh and clean again. As if the dust and grime of the past is washed away and the world waits for me to step forward into fresh hopes and dreams.

I only need to smell rain, that clean, fresh smell, and I’m transported to that moment where I step forward.

Alas, today’s rain was not that heavy rain of my heart… but, for just a while, it took me where I needed to be.


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