Music and the Fog

I really enjoy youtubing, watching whatever takes my fancy, random clips or songs from the suggestions list, seeing where I end up. The journey can be very erratic. Not sure what I mean by erratic? Try working out the path I took from listening to some Abba to watching all of Twin Peaks a few weeks ago. The mind boggles.

Anyway, keeping to music, I’m sure I’m not the only person to drift from genre to genre, playing a song over and over when it strikes a chord. I find some songs, or at least the way certain songs resonate with me to be a good mood indicator.

The last few weeks while in my fog I’ve been playing two songs over and over. It’s not that I don’t listen to other songs, but these two sit in open tabs and get played most days. More than once. Sometimes one after the other, sometimes with time between. They both struck a chord inside. Kind of random choices… they don’t really go together in my mind, so I thought I’d share them. Do they signal a dual mood? Shrug. No idea. The first has piano in it, which I can always get lost in. I have thought about why I’ve been attached to the second song while in the fog this time. Either it’s a reminder that things always do get better or it distracts me from feeling down. Maybe a little of each.

Not really a fan of this band. This is probably the first song of theirs that I’ve listened to that I enjoy. At least I think it’s still uncool to admit to having enjoyed that Barbie song at times. *blush* …

This song is catchy and a bit of fun *giggles* Catchy? At least once a week my son has said to me “What’s that song? I know that song. Didn’t they used to play it on the radio? A looooong time ago?” He always looks at me a little strangely at that point. Makes me feel like pointing out that the Violent Femmes songs, amongst others, that he listens to have been around longer than he has…

Interestingly, in the few days while this post has been sitting in drafts I’m feeling my attachment to them wane. Is the mood they resonated with passing? or has the knowledge that I’m about to share them forced me to begin breaking the attachment? I’m still in the fog, at least it’s not letting go completely. Makes it understandable that I would push the songs away when about to share them, since the fog seems to be all about keeping things inside and hidden.

It would also explain why I’m having so much trouble with the school post. Huh? What school post? Exactly. It was meant to be posted before this one, but is still sitting in drafts. My head hurts when I work on it. Sigh.

Not part of the original two, I started playing this song over and over last weekend. At least it lets me cry…

I’ve switched from listening to the radio to playing The Crow soundtrack in my car over and over for almost a week. It’s one of my all time favourite soundtracks. I’ve owned the soundtrack from almost when it was first released. I’ve owned the movie DVD for almost ten years and only just got around to watching it. Seriously, just watched it for the first time. I did enjoy it. That’s one more thing checked on my gotta do list.


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