A Promise Made

I made a promise last night, to my new employee. Yep, employee *nods head* I employed myself a sanity meter. The very first sanity meter, ever. Shhh, let me lay claim to a first for something, even if everyone else has one. Anyway, he says he’ll tell me when I go all psycho crazy b***h, but only when I learn to make better threats than “well, I’ll call you something equally silly”.  Even better than being told my threats suck, I don’t have to pay him.

Enough silliness. The promise I made was serious and a good one. To stay single until I’m whole. Although, I don’t exactly have a history of racing into relationships considering there was an almost 18 year break between this relationship and the last one.

Hmmm, second try at stopping the silliness… nope, feeling silly this morning it is.


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