#reverb10 – Party

So, I let myself get all angsty for day 8, start reflecting on day 9 and what do I find? A big pot of simmering anger, most of which I had no idea was there. Hmm, it’s okay, I decided, this is good. I have the opportunity to begin 2011 with a clean slate where these situations are concerned. Then began the debate… how angry do I let myself get? How much to I share? Is it healthy? Hahaha. It was Chris who told me “anger is part of a healthy emotional spectrum” just days before we broke up. I’ll keep it nice and to the point *sticks tongue out*

December 9 – Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans. (Author: Shauna Reid)

Ohh… wow. Looking back, it seems the only social gathering I went to this year was a wake. Seriously, a wake. It was moving, but I wouldn’t say it rocked my socks off. What do you say we leave the wake out? *nods head*

Hmmm, thinking.

Ahhh, wait. We had a party in Skype when we won a server. That was fun. A few got more than a little tipsy. No one could carry a conversation as there were so many players typing all at the same time. The chats were FULL. Chris wasn’t there with me, but I’m pretty sure he was partying… that my server was over and I could focus more on the other one with him.

Yeah, alright, I was in a long distance relationship, so it’s understandable that I spent most of my spare time online. Although, it’s kind of disturbing that the only online ‘social gathering’ that I remember for 2010… Chris wasn’t a part of.

But here you have the cold truth… This was my 2010. A wake and a computer. Very sad when put like that.

Go ahead, ask the obvious questions…

You have family! No birthday parties? Not a single one. My family forgot my birthday. There’s too many years of them ruining my birthday behind me, that I’ve made it a habit to not remind them.

Come on! You had a boyfriend, there has to be something! Valentines Day? Nadda. Chris went out after work on Valentines Day. I do remember receiving the spiel about how Valentines Day is too much pressure for men. That every year they have to outdo the year before. I don’t remember the rest of it. All I heard was that I wasn’t special. I did get a photo when he got his card. Grrr… it makes me so mad that I sit and beat myself up everyday for carrying doubts. Questioning myself… why have doubts?

Mothers Day? Easter? Anything? Bon voyages? Party ’cause it’s the first Wednesday after a full moon? *shakes head*

Ugh!! Enough! Things are changing! I’m going to have a party in 2011 for my birthday. Family not invited, except for my son of course and I should invite Garfield, since we share a birthday *giggle*

Yep. A party.

On 19th June 2011, I’ll be turning turn 42 and I plan to have a party… for me.

… and it better not be my only social gathering for 2011!


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