Meta-For, You

Oooo! I still like this one. I suppose I shouldn’t expect a song like this to not reverberate with me. Mmmm, kind of hums deep inside, just as it did the first time I heard it. Enjoy!

The song blurb says…

We’re on MySpace at … . Limited Light proudly presents “Meta-For, You.” The song is about a person’s internal struggles and the effects on him/her and those around. Clearly, as suggested by the title and lyrics, it is metaphorical. The comma is placed where it is to suggest it is about someone and not so much for that person (though the latter interpretation works as well). Due to the … visceral … lyrics, the images are visceral as well, closely matching the words, as it is already metaphorical.

Hmm, “internal struggles”, huh? Figures!


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