#reverb10 – Defining Moment

December 29 – Defining Moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year. (Author: Kathryn Fitzmaurice)

Alright. You ever had one of those moments when you read something and think “OMFG!!!”? Honestly, have you? I did reading this prompt. Then I promptly began laughing. Big. Belly. Laughter. Seriously, I did! Nooo, I’m not having some strange manic episode. It was like a moment of clarity and I’m now typing the words out as fast as I can to get it across. If it makes no sense, so be it. It’s still a win situation for me *giggles*

After last night, how I felt going to sleep and how I felt waking up… my initial reaction was expected, I guess. Yeah, alright you don’t know how I felt this morning. I’ll have to think about unpasswording the Dreams1 post.  But anyway, you know what? Having thought about this for a few hours I decided that the big events good and bad, like the break up, or last nights post, passing my course… these things don’t define me or affect my life in any real way. Keep up now, as I’ll probably jump between using me and life in this post, because in many ways they mean the same thing.

These events mark me, they don’t define me. It’s what I do afterwards that affects my life. It’s how it’s dealt with and how it’s seen… that is what defines me, what affects my life. It’s what happens afterwards… the little things that affect. Do you get where I’m going with this? Hmm, think about it as… my life is a reflection of me. I’m a reflection of my life.

Last night I described my life as moments of joy blanketed by darkness. It’s a pretty fair and accurate description of both me and my life. The darkness grew over the years from an inability to cope or deal with events in a healthy way. The Achieve post was Big for me. Very Big. Sharing it has marked me, but not in the same way as the events described did so long ago. It has to mark me, at least in some way. I still feel it, but again I’ve trusted in the process and I’ve woken up… feeling. This is good. To feel is good. I also woke up to 2 comments on the post and they were… just right. I trusted and the universe reflected me back at me. My life as it is becoming.

This is what affects me, affects my life. The little things… and this is just a sample from the last few weeks.

  • A friend who spent time joking with me at 4am on Skype, well, 4am for me, when I needed it.
  • The online community who welcomed me back as if I’d never been gone.
  • Joyful moments spent with family in the midst of my annual Christmas meltdown.
  • Comments received on a difficult post, other comments on other posts.
  • My son saying today… “Could be arranged. Nah, I like my mum” after I’d given the kids an “Over my dead body” comment in a morning tease-fest.

Yes, the big events mark me, but it’s the little things that affect my life. They reflect and define who I am, who I am becoming… in turn this change within is reflected back at me in my life.

Confused? I’m not! *evil giggle* If you are confused, we’ll just blame it on this being one of the fastest posts I’ve written… ever!!

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