Knight in Shining Stubbies!

7th July 1992

Every girl grows up wishing for a Knight to come racing to her rescue at least once in her life. The romance of a knight in shining armour, or shining limo if you’re thinking Pretty Woman, shelters in our girlish hearts long after we catch Uncle John pulling up his Santa beard in the backyard as he quickly stubs a cigarette out behind his back.

7th July 1992. Girlish Sigh. Yes, that’s the day I came face to face with my Knight, but no shiny armour or limo for my rescue… I always did have to be a little different, but we’ll get to that.

It wasn’t an ordinary day right from the start. I could say it was a day of miracles already. You see, it was the day before my son was born. My first contractions were probably an hour before this photo, my son racing into the world head first around 12 hours later.

We did ordinary things… photos in the backyard, which Doza had to be a part of as you can see.

I planned extraordinary things… driving to the nursery to pick up some palm trees to plant after my son was born. My father planted them the next day, which was incidentally the first time in his life he’d slept in. Guess waiting up for the arrival of a first grandchild will do that *giggle* Oops, now I’m jumping too far ahead.

Backing up a little, my adventure began after the nursery as I drove to visit friends to let them know I wasn’t going to see the basketball game that night. I still wonder who in the team made money on the bets as to whether I’d make that game! Most of them lost money the week before *evil giggles*

My trusty silver steed decided to get a flat tyre as I was turning onto the highway, so I pulled into the parking lot behind the hotel and set myself to change the tyre. Yes, me. I was always taught to be a self-sufficient type of gal. No matter what I tried I couldn’t loosen the wheel nuts. Argh! Nine months pregnant and stopped in my self-sufficient tracks by sticky nuts!

I looked around and waited… nothing. I stuck my belly out as far as it would go and waited… nothing. For the first time I began to see the downside of not looking nine months pregnant. I was also starting to think I would need to go find a phone or walk to R’s place for help when it happened.

Yes. It. Really. Happened.

My Knight in shining Stubbies and a singlet came racing out of the hotel directly towards me! Oh Party Time! Rescued!

He ran up, cigarette hanging out one side of his mouth, mumbling out the other. I sighed in relief as he took the wheel wrench from my hand and turning to the tyre, loosened the nuts.

I watched stunned as he turned to me, mumbled “She’ll be right now”, gave me back the wrench and… raced off to the TAB.

Huh??!! Yep, hmm, okay. Thank you!! I really didn’t look pregnant enough. I couldn’t help laughing.


Just in case you’re not privy to the joys of Stubbies, let the following be your introduction…


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