Kicking from the Inside

Taking a short break from the Shh… posts. I kind of relive a lot of the things I remember and I’ve been working a few posts together at any one time. One of the posts I’m working on has me feeling a lot of fear. So, time for a break while I work through that fear and remember some happier times.

guitaristFractured memory 1992.

I used to travel a lot to Sydney to visit my brother and his wife. One trip I made when quite heavily pregnant was to see Vic, one of my other brothers* play, as his band was travelling to Sydney for a gig.

I was so excited!

I hadn’t seen him play much before.

We found the pub and in we went to watch. My memories of the night are really fragmented. It was dark and crowded. I stood with my brother and Vic’s girlfriend.

It was loud.

It was awesome!

I’d forgotten how much I used to love watching live bands. Canberra used to have a pretty good live band scene and we often searched out clubs and pubs that would have live acts. For some reason I’d drifted from that in Queensland. I made a quick promise to rectify that and continued to enjoy the evening.

About halfway through the evening, a particular song was played and my son began to make himself felt. I remember even Vic’s girlfriend’s excitement as she felt my unborn son kicking out to the music. A good sign… that my son was going to enjoy a bit of heavy metal and alternate music. LOL.

Yes, it was Vic the guitarist, one of my five brothers, that I named my son after. He also carries the name of another brother for his middle name. I would never change those choices of names.

* four friends of my real brother who used to look out for me in Canberra.


Image Credit: © Marc Dietrich |


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