Taking it easy

Just relaxingTaking it kind of easy at the moment, staying off the internet most of the day. Actually staying clear of the computer!

Soooo needed.

We’ve finally agreed on living arrangements. I was asked to be “Parental Unit” for two more teenagers. Yeah, I was definitely nervous about the idea. Screw nervous! That doesn’t come close to the panic I felt when asked. Two more troubled teens? Oh lord!

Okay, I know the concerns were from the breakdowns my son’s girlfriend has been having lately. All I could think was… what will it be like with two more?

The fears are unfounded. We’ve had one of them staying a lot over the last year and she’s never trouble. Her family is… hmm, kind of abusive. She gets hit, she goes to friends. She won’t take it from them. This weekend we ended up with just the five of us and… it was good. they’re all helpful. They cook, clean, look out for each other, support each other. My son’s girlfriend is the only one going into meltdowns, although we’ve had a good week now that I’ve let go of it and she will get professional help.

They desperately need some stability in their life. One has been staying with friends since August last year. A few nights here, a few nights there. *Shakes head* Poor kid can’t even get government support as he’s not an Australian citizen. His mother is. She’s an alcoholic and won’t help him. His aunt has now told him she’ll pay board for him if he can find somewhere permanent. He’s a good kid, has a scholarship to the local highschool. Just living day-to-day waiting for school to start and somewhere stable to live. I really don’t understand what’s wrong with our world today. There just seem to be too many troubled kids now.

The last few days has shown me that I can do it. But honestly? Probably the main reason I even considered it… What might my life have been like if I’d had the opportunity to move away from my parents as a teenager? I’m not trying to save the world, but if I can make a difference in a couple of kids lives this way… yeah, I know I have personal reasons to want to help. I worked through this with my therapist yesterday. I can and want to help.

Anyway, it’s official… I hate house hunting!

Taking the easy road and leaving it to the kids? Not such a good idea…

“Umm, kids, that’s not a road, that’s a goat track!”
“but it’s so cheap and has so many bedrooms”
“Yeah, but I have the only car”
“We’re used to walking… we’ll get fit”
(I try not to laugh at this point)
“the only reason you walk down the road is because I say no to your lazy asses when you ask for a lift”

They’re looking for places near good public transport now. Getting there *giggles*


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