Really bloody happy!

fireworks… yes, that happy!


I decided to contact a friend of mine yesterday, send her an email to let her know that I love her and let her know that I haven’t been okay. To apologise for disappearing on her over a year ago. That I understood if she’d rather I didn’t contact her.

I had disappeared before then, made contact with her and she was so hurt about the way I had withdrawn. I’d been unable to make myself contact her again after that. I didn’t want to hurt her anymore.

Yesterday I felt I had to contact her. She emailed me back… the hurt is long gone. She just wants her friend back.


I gave her a number she could ring me on and we spoke for hours. It was as if we’d never been apart. This is my oldest friend. We’ve been friends for around 28 years. N of the bacon & eggs and to die for lamb roast… and the mudcake.


We spoke about everything. Well, everything that we could fit into 4 hours of phone call. Some surprising subjects came up, things I hadn’t realised I’d never spoken to her about. This is something I’ve done so many times, spreading out what I share so that no one person could know everything. Things have changed.


An amazing day. It was meant to be today, for so many reasons. I’m glad she’s back in my life before I go back to work on the isolation posts.


I went to bed feeling at peace.


… and happy, in case you couldn’t tell.


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