The joys of connection

Internet again, finally!I don’t really mean to mislead with the title. Not really. *giggle* After almost two weeks we have internet at home again. Connected. I wanted to simplify, so we upgraded our mobile phone plans, let the land line go… and the adsl. Ouch. The adsl was the only thing we missed… our 8mb download speed, almost unlimited plan *thinks longingly for a moment* I miss it, but at the same time I’m glad it’s gone.

The original idea was to wait until we moved and then get internet again, but after almost two weeks of dragging ourselves with laptops and iPods down to swipe the free, but very slow, wi-fi at McDonald’s, or paying $2 for Hi-speed internet when needed at the shopping centre… it began to seem a bad idea.

I mentioned on the 12th that I was enjoying not being on the internet so much and it has been good. I had to be more organised with my blog posts, working on them at home and then uploading down the road. Some days I was up to three days in front with my scheduling. Yep, all good.

It was the other stuff that was killing it for me. Being unable to update the computer or anything. Kaspersky was screaming DATABASES ARE OBSOLETE! Well, kind of screaming, but you get the idea. Almost no YouTubing! That’s self-explanatory. Then there was google reader *shakes head* two weeks took my unread blogs from around 60 posts to over 500! Ouch. It’s under 400 now and will take a while for me to totally catch up.

So. Decision was made. Some kind of internet at home. The kids were ecstatic of course. Seems they can’t live without constant connection to Facebook. Off I went to the store yesterday thinking some kind of wireless so we could avoid reconnecting a phone line. After two trips and almost three hours I left the store with a mini modem that would handle five devices and a plan for 8Gb per month. No more watching movies and series on-line. On the upside, social networking is free, which is most of what the kids do anyway.

Home. Plug it in. Install the software. No internet. I could connect devices. Everything worked except the internet. Ring tech support.

Oh, the tower is overloaded.

Huh??!! Hmm, this could get interesting then if it’s a battle to connect every time. No one is going to want to disconnect.

It’s a great service. Pity that this is your introduction to it. Ring back later for a status update on the problem.

I rang back.

The tower is down.


This time it was their turn to go Huh??!!

Well, if the tower is down then everyone is having problems connecting and when it’s up again… no connection issues.

Ahhh. Sound logic. Ring back tomorrow for a status update.

I ring back.

Hmm, let’s check your modem settings.

Upshot is… we have our internet now! Not as fast as we had before, but quick enough. We can’t go YouTube mad like before, but we’ll survive. Best part of it all… we’ve gone from spending almost $300 on phones and internet per month to less than $100, including the mobiles. Nice.


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