My Zen revenge

Facebook… FarmVille, Astrology, Fortune Cookie and who knows what other app is spammed onto my wall from friends every day. There’s a never-ending stream of stuff people are having fun with. I have no issue with their fun. I even played FarmVille for 5 minutes… Woah! No! Can’t do this! No games! I was managing to stay clear of all the apps. Until.

Somehow I ended up with a subscription to Zen of the day. From receiving a Christmas greeting. Now if I could remember which greeting left me with the Zen app, I’d be sending him or her a bunch of greetings in return *evil giggle* I didn’t allow the app to post on my wall, so instead I receive a daily email with… half a zen quote! Yeah, that’s about as useful as tits on a bull.

So to have my sweet, tongue in cheek, revenge on my half Zens…

  • December 26 – Everything has its beauty but… a half quote sucks! Big Time!
  • December 27 – Zen is not some kind… app that gives you the whole quote for nothing.
  • December 28 – How vain it is to… think myself above petty revenge.
  • December 29 – A dog is not considered… a suitable home for fleas.
  • December 30 – How vain it is to… try this when tired 😦
  • December 31 – Knowing oneself is not so… interesting as trying to fill the blanks.
  • January 1 – There is a reality. We… are stuck with damn half quotes!
  • January 2 – Be master of mind rather… than, well, stuff that, master the body!
  • January 3 – The reverse side also has… benefits πŸ˜‰
  • January 4 – The quieter you become, the… less he’s moving.
  • January 5 – From the pine tree learn… that fast growth means pulp. Often.
  • January 6 – A good rest is half… ! That’s the point! Half!
  • January 7 – Chaos is inherent in all… tired ramblings from Mari.
  • January 8 – To know and not do… so 80s.
  • January 9 – Buddhism has in it no… Jingle bells. Oh wait, they do have bells. Oops.
  • January 10 – A bird does not sing… after it hits the windshield.
  • January 11 – The infinite is in the… moment you escape this post.
  • January 12 – All conditioned things are impermanent… so is this post. Or not. Now how does that theme from Twilight Zone go?
  • January 13 – Three things cannot be long… on a man’s mind.
  • January 14 – Normally, we do not so… much perspire, as sweat πŸ˜›
  • January 15 – No yesterday, no tomorrow, and… if you say no today, I might scream!
  • January 16 – The most important point is… what the hell comes next?
  • January 17 – A person starts to live… when, well, we’ll leave you guessing that one.
  • January 18 – Men argue, nature acts. … Women argue, men play possum.
  • January 19 – The tighter you squeeze, the… more sound :O
  • January 20 – The infinite is in the… whispered name.
  • January 21 – We cannot do everything at… the door. Some things belong indoors. Or not.
  • January 22 – The quieter you become, the… more you’re dreaming.
  • January 23 – How vain it is to… think I’m clever at this! πŸ˜€
  • January 24 – Though the bamboo forest is… thick, it’s still panda fodder.
  • January 25 – If you try to aim… you’ll miss the bowl.
  • January 26 – Do not mistake understanding for… a good time.
  • January 27 – Dig your well before you’re… left choking on your foot.
  • January 28 – Do not mistake understanding for… tired clichΓ©s.
  • January 29 – Everywhere is within walking distance… when you get on that helicopter.
  • January 30 – Although gold dust is precious,… it doesn’t keep you warm at night.
  • January 31 – If you understand, things are… not being looked at through the bottom of the bottle.

That’s it folks. We have slid into the second month of 2011! I even managed to post everyday last month. Yay, me! Alright, I was pretty tired when I did these, so help yourself if something pops into your head *bats her eyelashes* No one ever has smilies for eyelash batting *shakes head*


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4 thoughts on “My Zen revenge

  1. POSTED EVERY DAY. Kudos. I slacked off in January after Reverb10. Had a hard time adjusting to the new year. Fears, doubts kicked in. Great stuff here, sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up! Smiles and hope that you are not caught in all the severe weather I’ve been seeing on the news.

    • I’ve missed your postings. The ones you did do last month have been total teases! I had fears too as the month was clicking over. It’s why I did the whole crazy “postaday2011”, to force myself to keep the words going.

      I’m about an hour south of Brisbane, which flooded badly. We thankfully only had very minor flooding. The cyclones are way north. Hoping the current one doesn’t reach land anywhere and doesn’t head south. They don’t need more bad weather 😦 I don’t think there’s much chance of it travelling as far south as I am. I’ve been away today, so I haven’t caught up on the latest news.

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