Lists! Lists! Lists!

todoOne list actually. Although you have to admit certain things always look better said three times, the word lists isn’t one of them. I reckon I have enough lists in my life. The list of tasks I have to work through, such as moving. The lists of things to go in my decluttering. Certain things are being taken to be sold, junked, or given to charity, but I really can’t be stuffed in this heat to make multiple trips back and forth, so I make lists and do one car load per week.

I have my daily action list. Yes, still going with that. At least I’ve been able to take having a shower off it. I can do that again without it being on the list. Things are looking up… and smelling better! Now that was probably TMI, but it’s the simple and sad truth at how things were for a while. The action plan has changed a little as well now. There’s certain types of things that have to be on it, such as I have to go out every morning! Yeah. Out. Okay, I’m not having panic attacks anymore and even with the stress around here with the situation with my son and his girlfriend, I’m feeling really good about life and the future. It’s about extending the action in certain directions. Outwards. Meeting people. Enough about that.

Having a look around over at One Life I found Jamie’s list for 2011… the things he wants to do this year. Now. Understand. This isn’t a Bucket List, which is a list of things to do before you die. I’m not overly keen on Bucket Lists. I’ve enjoyed following people who are actively taking care of their Bucket Lists one item at a time. It’s just. The name. Bucket list. Kind of puts it way out in the future. I suppose that it depends how it’s looked at. A state of mind. Some people will get out there and do these things. Others will only dream and put it off for another year.

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams, inviting abundance, thinking big and all that jazz. But day-to-day? It comes back to state of mind. Extend yourself, expand your mind. Just don’t create reasons to kick yourself. That’s why I don’t like Bucket Lists. For me personally. I’ve always been far too good at finding reasons to kick myself anyway.

Anyway, back to Jamie’s list. It’s a pretty damn big list if you look at it. Until you take a look at his 30 things list and realise… this guy really is going to go and do all that stuff this year! He’s a doer not a dreamer. That’s more than a little cool in my mind.

Being one of those poor lost souls who’d like coolness to rub off on her a little, I’ve decided to make a little list of things myself for this year. Well, admittedly, I came into 2011 with a few plans… moving, postaday2011, continuing my journey within (healing), celebrate my birthday this year and some almost local travel. The rest will mostly fit into the new lists I make. You know, getting… out there? Meeting people? Thought you’d see that connection as well.

So go ahead, take a look at my list, called Doing, which should show up… umm, ^up there^, next to about and tell me what you think *giggle* I’m starting small and I’ll add to the list as something achievable (achievable for me) takes my fancy.


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