44 gallons of camping…

44 gallons of camping gear, that is. Somewhere in the back of the garage is a pair of 44 gallon drums. Well, they should still be back there. There’s a lot of furniture and boxes stacked up in front of them.

But hey, we all believe things we can’t see everyday, don’t we?

Once they held horse feed, when I had a horse. Now one holds horse gear that I don’t need anymore and the other holds camping gear. I was thinking about them last night just as D rang.

D??!! What do I do with 44 gallons of camping gear??!!

Umm, go camping, Mari?

*blush*Oh. Okay, that seems very obvious 😀

Note to self: Ask a silly question, expect to feel silly hearing the answer!

I’ll still need to sort through the drum and see if I can find a space-saving solution to the gear. Actually, I have a sinking suspicion that the drum doesn’t hold camping gear alone. Ugh!! Why am I even thinking about decluttering and the drums right now when I can’t even reach them??!! Or. See. Them.

I know, I know, I’m putting off telling you why this post is over 17 hours late. I’ll get back to scheduling posts soon.

It’s been hectic around here the last few days. My son’s girlfriend has gone home. Yes. She has gone home. We packed her up and put her on a plane yesterday. We as in her mother and I, took her choice away, made it clear… Here is the ticket. You have no money and nowhere to go, except on that plane. It sounds rough, but it’s been a rough week. Things have gone too far when her poor mother is ringing everyone including the police worried about her daughter’s safety… J had walked out of the house and refused to answer her phone or talk to anyone for over 12 hours.

She is gone and I feel… stunned. A friend told me before we knew we were sending her home… It’s all going to be alright. Trust.

I trusted and she is gone. A friend told me afterwards… Spirit intervened.

Yes. Believe in the unseen. Everyday we believe in things we don’t see, even if it is a little thing about believing there are still two 44 gallon drums at the back of the garage or trusting that things will be alright.

Signs and symbols and belief. I’ve even been trying to post for most of today. The internet has been very wacky. Coming on for a minute… then gone. When it goes wacky I leave it be and walk away.

Go figure. Thank you to everyone who sent hopes and good wishes for my son.

Now if the internet stays connected for longer than 3 minutes I might actually find a picture and manage to hit publish! If you’re reading this, then it did 😀


Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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