She said…

Soooo many books!Ooooo! Books! So! Many! books!

That was my reaction when I walked through the doors of the library this week. That’s right, item 5 on my list is taken care of. I am now a bona fide member of the Gold Coast Library service!

Oh. Then I said…

Ooooo! Air-conditioning! So Nice!

It was a hot day *blush* Anyway, things have changed. Last time I borrowed a book from the library they were still stamping the return date on a slip of paper. Yes. I am  that old. I’ve been telling you that for months! Granted, half the reason I keep telling you my age is to remind myself. That’s to do with the whole isolation thing, but we’ll leave that subject for another time. Oooo! So many subjects to choose from at the library! Geez, I can’t stop thinking about all those books. Snap myself back to the present. Hmm, where was I? Ahh that’s right borrowing books… they now use a barcoded self check-out system. Fabulous! As soon as I found out how it worked.

I asked an older gentleman who was checking out a book if he minded my watching how to do… it. More changes people. I asked! I could have just watched without saying a word. No. He wasn’t my type. This was not flirting *rolls eyes* This was… how do I get these books out of the library and home so I can read them??!!

So, I watched as he did… it. He watched as I did… it. Just to make sure I wouldn’t get into trouble *giggle* and off we went with our respective books.

It makes me think of the last books I borrowed both in Canberra and up here in the 80s. In Canberra there was a book on horses and a book on tieing flies. Yes, for fly fishing. I never did get into fly fishing, but I could tie a mean fly. Here? There was a book on German architecture and a two-volume history of ancient Rome. Semi-random I guess.

And for my re-entry to the wonders of borrowing books I chose… a book on toxic thoughts. Damn. I should have borrowed something extra-special and really random to celebrate.

Next time. I promise.


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