Crunch time?

Is the grass greener?J sent my son money to buy plane tickets. To go visit her in Sydney for 10 days. What The Fuck??!! I won’t ask you to excuse my language as that’s my honest reaction. WTF??!!

Am I totally missing something?  Did something change in the last few days since she got on the plane? Is she no longer the girl that had pushed him too far on the weekend? Has there been a miracle? No. There hasn’t. Nothing changed.

My son wants to be with a girl whose parting shot was… I want to burn this house down because everyone in it deserves to die!

Oh wait, I can’t really remember if that was before or after she called us all C*** Suckers and said she’d leave ‘gifts’ in the flat downstairs. Either way, she’s a fun girl to be around and my son wants to be with her. Yep, I must have missed the miracle memo.

I told him it’s too soon. I asked him what has changed in these few days? To think about being alone with her with no friends or family close by to support him. Totally isolated. Just her, her sister, brother and mother. All three make her angry almost daily. And he wants to be there for 10 days. Just the five of them.

I know I need to trust again. I know I do. He’s 18, I can’t stop him from going. I can tell him going this soon is a bad idea, but I can’t stop him going. Can I? I feel like it’s crunch time. I need to decide do I just let him go, or do I fight him going. Sigh.

She hates her family. She hates my son’s family. Notes she wrote on the weekend wished me dead for crying out loud. When she’s with my son she feels she has someone to stand with her against the world. Until the anger inside builds up and she takes it out on him. And he wants to be there. With her. With her anger. With her illness. Alone with her.

I have to let him walk his path, don’t I? And trust that it will all be okay and he’ll come back to the coast ready to live His life instead of Her life. The talk I’ve overheard is of this 10 days becoming permanent. I have to let go and believe everything will be alright. Don’t I?


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2 thoughts on “Crunch time?

  1. Ahhh, the joys of parenting. Such a curse and a blessing. To let go or to hang on. Can’t give you any good advice, as mine is only 16 and she’s still undermy rule as a minor. Best of luck!

    • I could wish her mother knew how to say no, seeing as J’s only 16. I’m not sure what it’s like in the States, but here kids can pretty do much as they please once they’re 16. It seems parents no longer have any legal control once they hit that magic number. 16 *shakes head* Of course, it’s only the unhappy ones that use that power. I can only let go, even if every fibre of me is screaming… NOOOO!!! SHE’S NO GOOD FOR HIM!!!

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