NE mail July 2005

Still following on… pleasant memories. Why don’t we write mails anymore? Have penpals or similar? Without them these kinds of memories are gone…

Subject: RE: No longer sleep deprived
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 02:07:29 +1000

My dear friend Noshir,

Your doll is doing very well, although she’s found muscles she’d forgotten get used when horse riding and she’s still having a ball in Victoria and how are you? (you never do actually answer that question, so I have decided you are well and all is well?)

Going riding!We leave to go home on Saturday and it looks like we won’t get to go horse riding again as the weather has changed, we will look for a ‘window of opportunity’ tomorrow at least.  I’ve been doing better with Teddy, I barely notice his height anymore, even though I do have to use a feed drum to mount him and even then I have to stretch. He’s a very funny horse, the first day I rode I pretty much let him have his own way, by day two I had decided that I didn’t particularly like his way so started to take better control, which of course he decided he didn’t like. Now I have his attention when we go out, at least most of the time. Teddy is so lazy I have to constantly push him to walk faster (my poor legs!) and I have started trotting him. Of course, the only problem with trotting him is that he would rather canter than trot, but yesterday I managed to keep him at a trot without him breaking, lol. Then of course he is so attached to my friend’s stallion Baron that he suffers a major anxiety attack when separated, so the last couple of times we went riding I took him part of the way home a different way alone. Well… he panics totally and that is when I remember his size as he starts walking backwards faster and faster and swinging around in circles while I convince him that I really do want to go in the other direction to Baron. After about 500m he’s okay (once I get him going forward), although both of us are a little jumpy, but we head the rest of the way home slowly and this has been very good for our confidence. The poor horse doesn’t know whether he likes me or not, which is hilarious to watch. If I show him attention or call his name in the paddock he looks upset and of course if I ignore him he’s totally dejected. When he can’t see me he’s constantly looking for me and then pretends he wasn’t and is now the first horse to the gate when both are called. I keep joking that if he’d fit in my car I would take him home with me.

Otway Fly!We took the kids to the Otway Fly today, which is a walk along the treetops (about 25m above the ground). It was wonderful, a little scary going up the tower, which is 47m above the ground, but I faced my ‘supposed’ fear of heights and enjoyed the experience immensely after a slightly shaky start on the first span. Some of the photos we took still send my heart rate racing, but I am very glad we went. A forest is one of my favourite places to be, there is something about the trees, the solidness of them, the way each tree is different from the next and just the feelings of being within a forest that I can never get enough of, add water and I’m almost euphoric.

Home has flooded I heard today, there was 500mm of rain in 24 hours, which the Gold Coast hasn’t seen since the ’74 floods, so will have to see how the roads in northern NSW are on the way home, although if further rain stays away, the waters should have receded by the time we get there. My family and friends (and my cat) are safe so I am pleased and I live on a hill so should have no clean up as others are facing.

Enough of me and my ‘holiday’, lol

Love Mari


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