Hope the door…

… hit you on the way out, Valentine’s Day.

She stood alone at the water’s edge, the warm water eddied around her feet, moonlight bathing her in its soft light. Her tears stopped as she pulled the first petal from the rose and watched it fall softly to the water.

Barely a sound as she whispered “I can be loved“. Certainty warred with doubt in her breath. She pulled the second petal and let it follow the first “I can’t be loved“, resignation rang in her tone.

She cleared her throat as she pulled the third petal letting it follow the others to wash away in the tide, her voice gaining strength “I can be loved“. She continued in this way, petals dropping one by one to the water “I can’t be loved. I can be loved. I can’t be loved“.

She longingly looked at the moon as the last petal fell to the water… “I can be loved“.

Silently she stood watching the petals drift away in the moonlight and felt the heat as her eyes filled with fresh tears. She turned, stepping from the water ready to leave and stopped. Shutting her eyes tightly against the tears, her body shaking with emotion she stood frozen.

Only moments had passed before she sighed and relaxed. Looking down at the crushed remnants of the rose now bereft of its petals, she whispered… You’re right. I can’t”, before throwing it to the water and walking away from her moment of need.

Written about an hour ago by torchlight at the beach. It’s not that I dislike Valentine’s Day. Really, most of my ‘coupled’ memories are good. I have no bad memories associated with the day. Well, except maybe for last year. But even that wasn’t bad, he just had better things to do and better people to spend most of it with. This little thing above should make more sense with tomorrow’s post. I promise 😀

For all those celebrating or who just celebrated Valentine’s Day… I hope you have a wonderful time 🙂 and forgive me my moment of dissatisfaction *blush*


Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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