Making no sense

I seem to have a habit of listening to old Cold Chisel (Jimmy Barnes) lately. Then I go through this OMG! 80s Classics! mood thingy, which can be fun. Anyway… last time this song stuck with me. Enjoy…

Watching the video I couldn’t help thinking about detail. Really, details can make no sense if we don’t see it as part of the larger whole. Taken out of context things are what we want them to be, or what we think they should be. And that sure doesn’t mean we’re right. Nope. I’ll leave it there for another post. There’s a reason I’m thinking that way. There always is 😀

… and for those wondering, that’s a Pavlova at the end of the clip. Pavlova = Yummy. Except once someone’s shoe has been through it 😛


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