Leafy knowledge

Light through the trees
Knowledge and the search for knowledge is one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s not all books, magazines, blogs and any number of sources of words writings. Knowledge also comes from what we see. When we open our eyes, nature speaks.

We listen. We see. We understand. Then comes knowledge.

Watching a leaf change colour and fall to the ground in Autumn, sunlight glimmering through bare branches in Winter, nature throwing itself into life in Spring in all glory of new growth and the gentle rustling of the leaves in Summer while below we stand enraptured in natures own cooler.

Cycles, change, continuance. Everything we need in every cycle. Every change meaning something. This is life. And we fight its every nuance or we flow with what life offers us.

We change and adapt or we are left behind. We accept life in all its guises or we are left out. Nature doesn’t wait for us to prepare. Life doesn’t wait for us either.

Now. Being. Yes. This moment.

This is knowledge too.


Image: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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