Deafening, so many bikes

I find funny some of the memories that pop into my head at times. I was sitting outside on the balcony, in the cool breeze when I heard a biker down the road. Well, those things are so loud he could have been down near the highway for all I know. Anyways…

Two teenage girls stared out the window in shock as a stream of bikes slowly made their way towards the farm. As the first shock passed the elder girl pushed the younger towards the bedroom door… Hurry! I can’t see Tom’s car with them! We have to lock everything and turn off the lights. We have to hide! Tom said to hide if he wasn’t with them!

The younger girl went pale, even though understanding evaded her. She didn’t have to understand, she recognised panic and real fear in her friend.

The girls raced through the house, switching off lights, locking doors, closing and latching windows. Hearts pounding, they crouched down at the window facing the long drive and waited. They counted riders for a while and as the number of riders increased well into double digits their voices faded, leaving them with only one thought in their young minds… where’s Tom?

There it was. Finally. The dual lights of a car coming slowly up the drive… Tom was back. It would all be alright. Fear turned to relief in a blink of an eye. Even so, the elder girl didn’t get up and turn on the first light until she saw her brother step out of the car to greet his friends.

That’s a sound I thought I’d never forget, the sound of so many bikes turning up the drive. Deafening. So many bikes in the dark and two girls hiding in the house. I’d forgotten about that night, which happened while visiting a friend in apple country. At least now I understand why the roar of bikes has always sent my heart racing and  the thought… Hide! shouted in my mind.


Image credit: © Juha Sompinmäki |


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