21 draft salute!

Feeling challenged
Yep, there are 21 drafts sitting there for me to sift through. More if I actually split the three that are holding tanks for multiple posts. Take a few off as they’ll never see the publish button clicked. Subtract a couple more that I suspect won’t see the eyes of any reader besides me.

Whatever the actual number… there they sit and here I sit typing this.

I’ve attempted to draft sift for the last week, actually longer. I look at the list of recent posts and ALL of them were started fresh on the day they were posted, or changed beyond recognition from what was in a draft. The number of drafts went up during this time instead of down. Scheduling is random. Some have been scheduled 5 minutes before the schedule time. Some, like this one have been hours late.

I’m feeling overloaded. It seems like there is so much happening right now in my life, while at the same time my life appears at a standstill. And I’m left wondering what first? What next? What else? And as with everything in my life, it’s carried over to the blog. I keep starting fresh drafts.

Am I allowed to say… Enough! Can’t we just work on this other stuff first?

Will anyone listen if I do?

So this is a salute to some of the things in my life today, that don’t actually match up to those 21 drafts in any shape or form. Well, okay some of it is there, the rest will get there…

  1. My son is home (temporarily)
  2. He still plans on moving to Sydney
  3. He doesn’t want to see his friends while he’s here
  4. That saddens me
  5. The cats are total bed hogs! Who let the cats IN?
  6. Have I mentioned lately, or ever, how cute they are when they’re trying to be cute?
  7. And how that doesn’t get either of them the prize position on the bed?
  8. Finding a place within budget, that is pet friendly is looking impossible right now
  9. For some reason I’m barely drinking coffee, which I think is from…
  10. Day 3 of no smoking… shh, I didn’t mean to spill that. Both of these mean I’m…
  11. Yawning like mad before lunch! And surprisingly…
  12. Coping really well with it, no jitters and whatever I might have expected
  13. Therapy session on Wednesday will be the last until I’ve moved, although
  14. I can ring her if I need to
  15. That makes me want to cry for so many different reasons
  16. I actually meditated the other day! Finally.
  17. I’m dreaming and remembering my dreams. Yes, this time it’s sleep type dreams!
  18. They’re mostly happy dreams.
  19. I’m feeling more connected to the people in my life.
  20. Family excluded.
  21. Even my son is excluded from this, as
  22. Some things happened last week that left my trust… shaken.
  23. oops, already passed the magic number!
  24. I just walked out to the driveway to find a flat tyre.
  25. I really don’t feel like changing a tyre today.

Alright 21 was the magic number, so I can miss the rest and take a look at what I’ve avoided facing. The things I turn to when I’m so over thinking!

I’m feeling less connected with my son.

Hmm, wonder if he’ll help me change a tyre 😛


Image: scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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