My Zen revenge… again

Couldn’t help myself, so here we go again. Time to have my sweet revenge against all the half Zen quotes that landed in my email inbox during February. Let’s see if I do better than last time. I wasn’t going to. Really I wasn’t. Some things are just too tempting.

I was starting to consider ways to have my sweet revenge on all the FarmVille messages on my Facebook timeline, but they seem to have slowed down to almost nothing this month. Spooky, in a very nice kind of way.

It’s kind of fun to look for humour in life, even if we don’t really feel like there’s much to laugh about…

  • February 1 – Vision without action is a… Sunday with a beer, on the couch, watching the sports.
  • February 2 – When dualism does no more… than give a second way to confuse.
  • February 3 – When the pupil is ready… the teacher has gone home.
  • February 4 – People will not compete with… a new pair of shoes! Ooo Shiny!
  • February 5 – After enlightenment, the laundry. … After the laundry, more laundry!
  • February 6 – When you get there, there… is just halfway back again.
  • February 7 – Do not entertain hopes for… this month’s zen revenge to be any funnier than last time!
  • February 8 – We are what we think… . Really?! I’m a rabbit?!
  • February 9 – Though the bamboo forest is… there, does it exist if we don’t see it?
  • February 10 – Ultimate reality has a unified… way of beating us over the head with confusion.
  • February 11 – Everywhere is within walking distance… of my laptop.
  • February 12 – Water and words: easy to… flush.
  • February 13 – Tension is who you think… has a knife against your back.
  • February 14 – When the pupil is ready… the teacher is having coffee.
  • February 15 – ”I have done my best”,… in other words “I’m having fun!”
  • February 16 – No thought, no reflection, no… heartbeat.
  • February 17 – Do not overrate what you… think matters. Something is always shinier.
  • February 18 – All credibility, all good conscience, … gone at the sight of the next shiny thing.
  • February 19 – Three things cannot be long… on a girl’s mind, diet, saving and gossip.
  • February 20 – Do not overrate what you… find under the bed. It really is just a dust bunny!
  • February 21 – To set up what you… find in that drawer is eye-opening. You know that drawer, the one where all the odds and ends go?
  • February 22 – Never doubt that a small… can of drink is a small can of drink.
  • February 23 – In the landscape of spring,… we find another year gone.
  • February 24 – No one knows what’s next,… except for that woman with a hundred parcels to send. Yeah, everyone else will have to wait.
  • February 25 – Those who know don’t tell… those who wish they knew. Why should we? Leave them guessing.
  • February 26 – Never doubt that a small… thing is a small time.
  • February 27 – We do not learn by… never trying. Believe me it’s good to have paper in the freezer. Really!
  • February 28 – We are what we think… . This rabbit has a purple sock?!

Another month gone. Kind of shocking really… where is the time going so quickly?! One more month and a quarter of the year will be gone!! Isn’t that a fun thought? Not, lol.


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