Three things that always help to lift, or transform my mood when I begin to slide into that negative space in my head I know too well… and believe me after my son leaving the way he did, I’ve been trying to shoot myself into that place almost constantly like a pair of Howitzers competing in a duet. Bring out the big guns, why don’t you!!

Anyway, three things to transform… kindness, gratitude and laughter.

All three effect the old inner vibration, hence kicking my thoughts into a better place. Oh laughter… come take me from that dark place and lift me back towards somewhere sunnier! I’ve been struggling the last couple of days. Acceptance of things as they are is one thing, but I still have to deal with the shock of everything that happened… and how they happened.

Weeks ago I’d made a profile on some networking site that had emailed me that an old friend wanted to contact me. I took the plunge, made an account, looked around, realised that there’s really nothing there and promptly forgot about it as soon as I logged out. I regularly still get a giggle from one particular travel site that sends me emails with people asking for advice about Canberra. Hey, haven’t been on that site in at least 6 years! You’ll need to do better than that to get me to log back in!

Anyway, I received a private message this morning from the one I looked at a few weeks ago… not from my old friend.

hello baby i m ????????, originally from US TEXAS DALLAS, actually i was moved to contact you after going through your profile i just wanna say hi because you re charming, can we be friends?

Hmm, yeah, okay, am I the only one that thinks this guy doesn’t need much to move him, seeing as that particular profile wouldn’t tell him much beyond I’m female and I was breathing a few weeks ago? Perfectly timed case of B.B.L. for me today.

And PS, thanks for the reminder that a breathing Mari is more desirable than, well I guess a male, not breathing Mari? At least I think that’s what the reminder was 😀

Oh PPS… B.B.L? Big Belly Laughter. It really is just what the doctor would have ordered.


Image: anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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