#reverb11 – Living in this moment

Love everywhere!
Ahh, #reverb11, I raced into this prompt like Tarzan swinging through the jungle, one arm beating my chest as I made my jungle call… then I faceplanted a tree. Ouch. Took a few days to peel myself off too, but I did it!

Hey, at least it’s better than the prompts that made me want to scream and pull my hair out in December *shakes head*

After days of painstakingly trying to Not Think about this prompt, here we go…

If March 2011 was your last month to live, how would you live it?

Jungle call while a few days get used up on sappy stuff…

  • I would hold my son and tell him… I love him and that everything will be alright, all he has to do is listen to his heart.
  • I would leave letters for my family and friends… to thank them for being my guides on this journey.
  • I would hit publish on a final blog post… to say thank you  for listening, encouraging me and helping me find my voice… and to thank those writers, whose blogs I read regularly for inspiring me, entertaining me, giving me new things to think about and helping me on my way.

And after that?

Yep, this is where I started to Not Think about this prompt, for it’s always the same question… what next? With everything that has happened, with where my mind has been heading lately and with the clear knowledge that there is no one to share this last journey with me… I knew there is only one thing left to do to leave this life complete.

Only you can decide for yourself if what I’ll describe now is selfish…

I’d let go of the last fear that I should be somewhere other than right here in this moment, this moment filled with love.

Then I’d put on my most comfortable shoes and with childlike confidence walk out of this house for the last time. I imagine myself stopping on the driveway, closing my eyes to take a deep breath before thanking The Universe for providing me with everything I might need for the moments that remain and for leading me to where I should be… right here, right now.

Then I’d run back upstairs and grab my handbag… Well, how’s a girl meant to live without her handbag?! And why leave behind something already provided?!

But seriously, I’d begin to walk, with the full knowledge that my time here is ending. I would walk away from here and let what remains of my life be a reflection of this moment, free of fear and full of love. And it wouldn’t matter if I never leave the suburb. No plans. No expectations.

Imagine that feeling for a moment. It’s a freeing thought… let go of fear and live in this one moment full of love. The realisation that nothing else matters anymore, that everything is okay.

If our lives become a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts are nothing but energy, and we begin to live in this one moment filled with love… wouldn’t everything else fall into place?

So that is what I would do… live my final days in this one moment where the heart is overflowing with love, leading to the next moment where the heart is overflowing with love, step outside and see where I end up.

It might sound selfish to think that everyone left behind will need to deal with their own thoughts and the way they look at how I choose to spend my last days. But you know what? I can’t make anyone else happy. Not really. I can only live my life… and they will need to live theirs.


Image: Filomena Scalise / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 thoughts on “#reverb11 – Living in this moment

    • Thank you, Shannon! I guess when the fear is finally taken away, bravery is all that is left. I could see you cower for a day or two and then you’d step out and live the rest of the month. You have too much going on inside to do anything else 😀

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