Public beaches. Sigh.

Love the ocean!Stepping down on to the sand, she wiggled her toes, feeling the grains slipping across her feet before she continued to the lagoon, the water sparkling from reflected lights in the distance. Each step brought the silent squelching sound up her body from sand displaced, the grains still warm from the day’s sun. She stopped where the dry sand turned to wet and looked around carefully in the darkness to see if she was still alone.

Undoing one button at a time, she took a deep breath of the salt laden air as she let her dress slide down to pool around her feet. She removed the clip from her hair, shaking her head, the tresses tumbling down her back, tickling her senses as strands were caught by the breeze.

She closed her eyes and took it all in, the sound of small waves breaking only meters away from her, the sound of larger waves crashing along the shore in the distance, taking in that tangy, clean smell of the water. Taking a deep breath she felt it slide deep through her body, calling to her. Another breath, deeper. Deeper again. Her urge, to breath the whole world in.

The breeze whispered along her skin raising goosebumps and she shivered softly before opening her eyes and stepping towards the water. The water felt cool, invigorating, alive somehow as it wrapped itself around her feet, then her legs, her thighs as she walked deeper. She dove under the water, bubbles following her through the water as she let the water embrace her. Reaching the surface again she turned and floated on her back, letting herself drift as the tide willed.

The water cradled her, the breeze washing along her wet, exposed skin as she floated. She watched the clouds as the first rain drops fell. Just a few drops. Cold, heavy and clean in a different way to the water that held her.

She turned and dipped under the water again, bubbles rushing along her bare skin again, tickling sensations. Pushing for the ground she reached it, twisted and pushed her way up, breaking through the surface in imitation of a dolphin, joy filling her heart before sliding back through into that quiet other world, diving deep again to caress the sand.

Drifting back to the surface she considered the moment as her head crossed the threshold from quiet embrace to a world of sound and light. She turned, looking back towards the sand, at the darker patch outlining her clothes and began to swim back in a slow, steady rhythm.

Sigh. I so wish that beach wasn’t so public, or you’d know what I would have been doing!


Image: Dynamite Imagery /


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