Clearing the energy

Oooo, I’m scheduling a post for the first time in days. Party on everyone!! Two more and I’m free until Saturday. I probably won’t make it online on Thursday at all and I’ll be tired on Friday. Have I mentioned lately I love scheduling? I’m keeping to my postaday2011 commitment *smiles*

Anyway, as I began walking around the house today clearing the negative energy I became attuned to the energy within the house, consciously attuned, rather than the reacting to it I was doing. The negative energy was thick throughout the house, except in 3 places that I went to step into and my foot stopped in midair of its own volition. I had to say a prayer before I could continue. That’s big. I’m not a big one for prayer.

Anyway, three places. The love corner of the lounge… if you’re into Feng Shui. That’s where the sofa bed is that my son and his girlfriend spent most nights during the hottest part of the summer. My son’s bedroom… that’s an obvious one. My skin crawled there. And one place that I couldn’t quite understand… the main toilet. Yes, the toilet. I really don’t understand why that accumulated what can only be described as sludge thick energy.

I went through every room, every cupboard with my 3 sticks of incense, finally leaving them to burn out in my son’s room. Why incense sticks? It’s all I had available. Besides, all change begins with intention and I’m letting go of false thoughts of perfectionism, so intention is what counted most.

Can I say… Wowser! What a difference?! I emptied, cleaned and reorganised the furniture in 2 hours. TWO!! It feels like I’ve been working in that room almost constantly for days and barely made a dent… and now it was all done in two hours once the negative energy was cleared.

That’s the kind of reminder it’s nice to get that thoughts are energy and this energy effects our lives in more ways than the obvious.

On the weekend I’ll do something about the little hate letters I’ve found scattered around the place. I’m not really sure why I’m waiting for the weekend, except that it feels right to do so. Okay, I shouldn’t really call them hate letters. Let’s change that to non-love letters.


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4 thoughts on “Clearing the energy

    • Thank you, Carleen 🙂 That message has been coming at me for weeks, lol. My problem was that I didn’t consciously apply it to my surroundings.

    • Clearing the energy has opened us up for healing. Trying it sure wouldn’t hurt 😛 It’s something that I used to do regularly where I used to live. I’m not really sure why the practice fell away once we moved to here.

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