Energy of thoughts

Like smog?
Considering the subject of the last two posts, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see another post on energy. And double bonus… it’s a draft coming out of that nether world all my drafts have been breeding in!! Although, I’ve had to split it as I work on it due to length. As this publishes, I’m out on the highway, or at least I should have been for the last four hours, on my way to Sydney with my mother to deliver my son’s things to him, at least the things that he asked for.

Anyway, to the post… I believe thoughts become energy. Every time we send a thought out in the world, we’re sending out energy. Could it be? Are negative thoughts the equivalent of a psychic punch? Are positive thoughts caressing all who are touched? I believe so. The smog picture is one way to look at it… am I sending out clean fresh thoughts from a place of love? Or am I polluting the world energy with my thoughts?

I’m not an expert on the subject of energy and there is so much more for me to learn. I only need to consider the difference already within my own life when I can laugh at my pessimism (remember the Bitch voice? She’s still quiet, lol) and send love instead of anger, frustration, or sadness towards others. All things begin to seem possible and these internal messages of abundance and opportunity begin to be echoed in those around me. Like attracting like.

From the cleansing of the energy in the house, my mother has let go of Her anger towards my son. There’s still pain. He’s her eldest grandchild and he always held a special place in her heart. She was the first to hold him in the hospital after he was born. Those two always shared a special bond.

The irrational anger is gone, that’s what’s important. The morning before I cleansed the energy, as my mother plotted yet another way to have Her Revenge on them both, I wanted to scream at her… STOP!! He’s still my son!! I don’t need to now. We can begin to heal as a family instead of being lost in this ugly state of mind that the accumulated energy was feeding. Like attracting like.

I’m not saying that we need to be thought nazis. Constantly worrying about what we’re thinking is kind of self-defeating. Until our core beliefs are changed, our mind chatter will still carry those messages we’ve always believed. We can make a conscious decision to be aware of our thoughts and work to lessen the burden they create on those around us… and those further away too.


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