Energy of thoughts – looking forward

Pretty colours!
So, away from the past and looking to the future… the only thing stopping me from living a life of love, happiness and plenty, is me. My own belief, my own thoughts, my own actions. When I believe it’s impossible or when I only see the problems, then that’s what is echoed by those around me. If I doubt, or hedge my bets… then the message I send out is confused and I’ll attract to my life that which I fear. Like attracting like again.

In many ways it’s easier to be unhappy. It becomes almost a habit. I’m talking from a point of view of feeling unhappy with our life and unfulfilled rather than depression. I think the depression is damage gone extreme. With depression the ability to act is reduced almost to nothing. Knowing what to do does little if you have no emotional energy to do it, or even think of doing it.

So, think about being unhappy. If we’re living the life we should be living, a life of love and happiness… aren’t we going against the grain, against what a lot of us learn from a young age? Be happy with what you have. Life is hard. You can’t do that! You’ll be disappointed. You’ll be hurt. You’ll never make it. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Those messages can become our core beliefs that our mind later repeats back to us, almost verbatim. Sure I get that in its own way our mind thinks it’s protecting us from pain and disappointment. If you don’t wish, then you can’t be disappointed. Totally logical too. At the same time those messages stop us from reaching our greatest potential for happiness.

That’s where rebelling comes in, the need to learn to go against the grain. Or we continue doing and believing as we always have, which we know leaves us in exactly the same place we are now.

Easier said than done. LOL! That’s an oldie that likes to come out and play often and is kind of accepting defeat before even starting. Even so, changing the way I think isn’t as easy as snapping my fingers. There’s the conscious mind, that logical, surface part of our mind and there’s the sub-conscious mind, the part of our mind where the messages that control our thinking come from, our core beliefs.

Working on the conscious mind, being aware of what we are thinking, the chatter is important. The chatter comes from our sub-conscious and tells us what our core beliefs are… I’m not good enough, I’ll never be happy, I’m not lovable, etc. That’s where the real work needs to take place. The goal is to change the core beliefs we hold… I’m good enough, I’m happy now, I’m lovable, etc.

All our beliefs were learned… so all our beliefs can be changed, we can relearn them. That was such an eye opener the first time I understood that. I don’t have to keep doing what I’ve always done! I don’t have to keep reacting as I always have just because that’s what I learned to do in the past! We can learn new ways of thinking. We can learn to believe in our own worthiness.

Lol! I still have a way to go. Notice all the “we” that manage to get scattered throughout instead of the sexy “I”?

And as this publishes, I should be on the highway again, but this time on my way home from Sydney. Back some time this morning!! LOL!


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