Energy of thoughts – looking outwards

Smog again!Guess who forgot to click schedule, lol!

When we can see the effect so clearly in our personal lives, think about what happens when thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people attach to each of these disasters that have been occurring in the world. And lately they’ve been almost following on the heals of the last.

Does it mean we’re adding to the trauma? Possibly. I’m not saying we can’t feel for those whose lives have been effected. We’re human, grief is natural. Pray for them, make a donation if you can and send love and healing. For this is the energy that we’d all like to live in, no matter what is happening around us. Like attracting like.

Just as every lightbulb we change to one that consumes less energy, every positive thought adds up.

I cried as I listened to the death tolls being read out from around Japan. I felt my heart breaking as the newsreader gave the figures… I could hear her tears as she spoke. I cried for those lost, those still missing, those left behind. Then I sent them thoughts of love and strength and healing. That does more for them than my tears. And besides a donation I plan to make over the weekend, it’s all that I can do. The tears only help me.

I sometimes wonder what the right thing to do is. My mind at times seems filled with horrific pictures from around the world of traumatic events spanning decades. As with things in my life, I obviously haven’t dealt with quite a lot of those events. I’m not looking for a way to forget, nor should I be. Even so, I’ve yet to find a way to transform, or integrate these past events and my feelings on these events into my life. As with a lot of things, a work in progress.


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