On the bright side of moving

My chair!

MY pink chair!

Moving out some time in the forseeable future. Supposedly. No, no, no, think positively, Mari. Fiiine, definitely moving out some time in the forseeable future. Better? Yep.

Anyway, I was getting ready for bed the other night and thinking about the things I miss about living alone. Living alone suddenly became real in my mind. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m slow!

  1. There will still be milk in the fridge when I get up bleary eyed in the morning. I Can Not Drink Black Coffee In The Morning. And I’m not worth talking to until I’ve taken that first mouthful. And malfunctioning system doesn’t reboot until after the second cup. Third cup gives wings.
  2. I can buy Good Coffee without wondering if it will disappear from my ‘stash’ in 3 days.
  3. My itsy bitsy small tub of wicked triple choc ice cream will last a month. You know the stuff? Too rich to eat more than a spoonful standing at the freezer? *shivers at pleasure*
  4. Grain bread in the house without getting eyes rolling.
  5. Getting ready for bed I can just pile up those clothes in the order they come off, that bra can sit on top of that pile.
  6. Actually… I so miss sleeping naked.
  7. If I need to get up in the middle of the night I won’t have to get dressed, or worry about giving someone a shock.
  8. If the phone rings it might actually be for me.
  9. I can sit in my pink chair to watch tv. Seriously, that chair is never empty. Hmm, I’ll still have to push a cat over to sit.
  10. The stacker in the stereo will have my CDs in it.
  11. In an insomniac induced buzz I can clean in the middle of the night without anyone being disturbed. Disturbed in so many ways.

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