Impatient nature?

cross stitchI was sitting out on my brother’s balcony thinking about yesterday’s post and how I’d said I’m impatient by nature.

I was thinking about the pastels I did that hang on the walls of my ex-sister-in-law’s house and how I never wanted to paint. I hated waiting for paint to dry. Pastels are fast! Yep, I said to myself, I have an impatient nature.

Then I walked inside, saw this cross stitch and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I made this for my brother one Christmas around 14 years ago. It’s about 8 inches tall… and this thing took me months to do!

Impatient nature? *rolls eyes*

A quick reminder about labelling myself. Life isn’t black or white, there’s a whole lot of grey that fits inbetween.

So, when I thought about long drives again… it’s not the slow speed I hate, but the lack of adrenaline that keeps me going. Driving overnight in my car (my favourite)… yeah, that keeps me going.


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