My Zen revenge… more?

Zen Revenge Here we go again. Another month of half quotes in my inbox, leads to another challenge with me attempting my tongue-in-cheek revenge.

I really should learn to make a note of what pops into my head when I first open the email.

Maybe next time.

  • March 1 – The sound of the water… running will have you running.
  • March 2 – The quieter you become, the… louder the water running becomes.
  • March 3 – There is a reality. We… just threw a slice of pizza at it.
  • March 4 – When walking, walk. When eating,… drink plenty.
  • March 5 – You begin saving the world… by admitting your sense of humour needs work.
  • March 6 – The world is like a… slice of pizza. The anchovies can stay off!
  • March 7 – Dissent is the highest form… of being a pain in the @ss.
  • March 8 – What is the color of… Noble Green? You know that blue colour Mazda had?
  • March 9 – Do not search for the… toilet brush in a bachelor pad. Seriously. Don’t.
  • March 10 – In the landscape of spring,… the flies at lamb tail docking are many.
  • March 11 – Nothing is permanent in this… Gemini mind.
  • March 12 – When you’re deluded, every statement… makes sense.
  • March 13 – In true dialogue, both sides… wonder at each other’s sanity.
  • March 14 – In true dialogue, both sides… wonder why it’s the same quote two days in a row.
  • March 15 – Those who do not want… already have a big screen.
  • March 16 – He who asks a question… is left with more questions.
  • March 17 – Without the tao, Kindness and… green beer means little.
  • March 18 – Thousands of candles can be… a lot of breath to put out.
  • March 19 – Do not overrate what you… think of the speed of drying paint.
  • March 20 – Medicine and disease cure each… other.
  • March 21 – No thought, no reflection, no… clue.
  • March 22 – Be not afraid of growing… garlic in a vacuum.
  • March 23 – What is the color of… sapphire heels in the dark.
  • March 24 – If you light a lamp… be prepared to chew your arm off.
  • March 25 – When an ordinary man attains… a clean bathroom. Watch out.
  • March 26 – Do not entertain hopes for… this to be funnier than last month.
  • March 27 – The torch of doubt and… extra hot chilli sauce.
  • March 28 – What is the color of… trouble? Ruby red comes to mind.
  • March 29 – Do not mistake understanding for… that chilly feeling in your feet after rain.
  • March 30 – We cannot see our reflection… in a cold beer.
  • March 31 – Be not afraid of growing… a second left foot. Safety dance is overrated.

And there we go, a Quarter of the year is gone! Now, I so wish I hadn’t reminded myself of that!


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