There’s something about the past

There’s something comforting about the past and I don’t mean my own relatively short past, I’m talking about being able to look further back. Walking through The Rocks on Saturday, I remembered what I used to love the most about the place… walking around a corner and seeing a sign explaining the history of that particular street or building. Some of them bring the past to life.

Maybe there’s a little part of me that imagines today won’t be forgotten. That sometime in the distant future someone else will walk the streets that I’ve walked and be taken back to today while reading little boards explaining the history of the area. Who knows, maybe by then they’ll be able to download a hologram tour guide app onto their phones *pauses* Admit it, that would be kinda cool. I’d want my tour guide to have a sense of humour. Seriously, could you imagine being told the history of a place with the hologram equivalent of a GPS navigator? Fall asleep anyone?

Anyway, touching the past. Walk down a cobbled lane and read about people walking and living on this exact same lane 200 plus years ago, living their lives, building a new life for themselves and their families. Watching the boys play on an adventure playground and read about children playing on this same corner for generations. Is that a nurse in her uniform I just imagined brush past me on her way to the colony’s first hospital? Touching the past. That always touches me.


6 thoughts on “There’s something about the past

  1. I know just what you mean. Years ago I was in the town of Bath England where they have uncovered ancient Roman Baths. I remember walking on the stones there and having a very clear sense of a woman who thousands of years before me had stood in that spot. A woman with her own troubles, her own dreams. It was a wonderful experience of connectedness.
    walk in beauty.

  2. I understand. Count me in on this. I love being able to experience the history of everything. To realize that we are continuing in their foot steps even when it doesn’t appear so. Amazing post! xx

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