Balance, leading to…

Yep, there have been a few words on my mind for a few days. The first of which is.. balance. Why that one? I’ve always had a tendency to throw myself into something totally with little thought of balance. Imagine eating sausages every night for three months. Apologies to the vegetarians… I’d be dreaming of chicken within a week, ready to kill for a filet steak in a month. In just the same way I’ve been known to throw myself into some new hobby or choice.

There’s nothing wrong with following interests and throwing yourself into it, unless the balance in your life gets thrown to the side at the same time. Oooo, shiny! have always been very dangerous words for me. Mostly as hitting that obsessive stage is usually a way to distract myself from something else.

And no, we didn’t eat sausages every night for three months. It was three times a week and my son only recently began eating sausages again. Sausages were cheap!

Short post and these thoughts are going somewhere. Really, they are!


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