Meaning and justifications, because of…

Getting obsessed in distractions can be a pain in the ass. Seriously. Lately, I’m more balanced when I distract myself, so I’m not so obsessive. Mostly I allow them as part of the depression toolbox. Sometimes it’s good to let my mind lose itself in something new and shiny. It’s a quick fix for the moment.

When it’s obsessive, when I let the new distraction take precedence, that’s when I justify my actions. Human nature makes it easy to do that. I like answers, I like meaning. Most of us do.

Of course, the most obvious problem with this is that it’s our perception that creates the justifications. For example, to sit doing puzzles for two hours means something different to my brother. For me, it’s part of a survival mechanism. For him it’s free time.

Huge difference in the way the exact same thing is seen between us… I justify it, he sees it as something to kill a little time with. The difference between over analysing everything and being laid back. Sigh. Always something new to understand about myself. I’m working on it.


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