#reverb11 – What’s blossoming?

The reverb crew asks us this month… What’s blossoming?

What’s blossoming? It’s autumn here in Australia and I’m sitting in Sydney trying really hard not to freeze my ass off. Seriously, I’m showing my soft Queensland acclimatised body in its bluest light… and it’s not even winter yet. So whose bright idea was it to come here when the weather is turning cold instead of when it’s warming up? Alright, that’s kind of obvious *blush* I’ve even searched my brother’s apartment… not a heater to be found anywhere! I try hard not to think of the two heaters I have sitting in the garage in Queensland.

I could say that the only things blossoming are poorly thought out ideas. That and my cold toes in bed and my cold nose in the early hours of the morning. Oh, and that mist that pours out of my mouth when I’m outside at night. Those fluffy socks that were very warm in Queensland are not going to cut it down here.

Anyway, back to what’s really blossoming… Ideas and change. Poorly thought out on the surface, the lack of over planning fills me with anticipation of the unknown in this change. All I know right now is I’m sitting on my brother’s couch, in his unheated apartment, somewhere in Sydney, during Autumn… and I’m loving it.

The rest is unknown. My heart fills with the possibilities. My head scrambles to catch up, scrambles to let the anxiety go, scrambles to let the possibilities take shape.

Ideas and change. Choices. The unknown. Possibilities. Adventure.


8 thoughts on “#reverb11 – What’s blossoming?

  1. Follow your heart. What comes will be marvelous.
    PS- I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been in a bad place lately and sorely lacking on catching up on my favorite blogs!

    PPS- I also haven’t forgotten about my award and I will get the acceptance post ASAP.

    Smiles and hugs. Thank you for being there in my darkest days.


    • *hugs* Shannon! I understand the place you’re in. One day at a time and remember that all that matters right now is you. Keep it simple, my thoughts are with you *extra hugs*

  2. I love this line: “My heart fills with the possibilities.” Many people wouldn’t accumulate that many “unknowns” (while freezing) and feel so adventurously positive about the future. Good for you!

    • Thank you, Paula, I don’t think I could have done it a year ago, or even three months ago. Things fall into place and it seems there’s no other way to feel 😀

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