Direction this year!

This year is finally going somewhere!

Direction, people, direction. It’s February as I type this and it feels like I’ve begun taking active steps into the rest of this year, instead of the one step in front of the other crap so far.

2011 is becoming about accepting the past and moving into the future with it. Integration and reconnection. Change and Movement. Healing and Freedom.

As part of that, I’ve decided to look forward and actually make plans. Yes, plans. Yes, Me! Rather than letting the year run away from me in a drift to nowhere, I’m steering it places. Soooo, as part of that… here is a list of things I plan to do this year.

Mari’s 2011 List!


  1. Go kayaking! None of that white water stuff for me. I want that easy, time to look around kind of kayaking.
  2. Have a go at stand-up paddling, instead of sitting at the beach and watching others have what looks like slow-paced fun. Looks like good balance work as well.
  3. Belly dancing, you fickle attraction! I’m going to have you!
  4. Read… The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsh. Finally! I’ve had this book for four years now? I wanted it, couldn’t wait to read it, had it given to me one Christmas and have only read snippets. “We understand the fabric of reality only by understanding theories that explain it. And since they explain more than we are immediately aware of, we can understand more than we are immediately aware that we understand.” P12. Now, that kind of stuff can’t be described as anything but a hard-on for the mind *nods head*
  5. Done! Join the library. That’s right. I haven’t been a member of a library for 20 years. I used to love to wander the aisles and pick up something seemingly random to read. Time to treat myself again.
  6. Back to swimming. Laps are always good for clearing the mind… entering that silence as the body takes care of moving forward.
  7. Move. Enough said.
  8. Continue blogging. Not letting the words get locked away again.
  9. Continue my journey within. Healing. Moving forward.
  10. Travel more. Budget constraints considered, I want to go places I’ve never been before. I only need to travel a few hours north or west to begin hitting the unknown. Unknown for me that is. South is no good right now, I’d have to travel half way around the coast to see somewhere new, lol.
  11. Birthday in June… I will celebrate it this year!
  12. Thinking of the budget… five cafe experiences that I’ve never had here on the coast. I love my coffee *blush*
  13. Hmm, still thinking…

I’ll mark things off as they’re done and add to the list as things take my fancy. Achievable things that is. I’m interested to hear your suggestions as well.

Wondering what brought on this madness? See this post.


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