Energy everywhere!

Explosion imminent
I was feeling devastated this morning. Absolutely devastated. No other word to describe what I was feeling… Devastation. Why? There’s nothing any different going on, besides packing my son’s things. And I’ve been doing that for days. There’s been the expected memories and sadness, but this morning was different. I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I wanted to cry, scream and rant at the world.

I wondered at my thoughts, spent time listening to what was going on in my head. Besides this urge to scream and rant… nothing different. Love, sadness, good memories, the future.

I went out for a while in the hopes of clearing my head. An almost instant change. That sadness mixed with love that I’ve been feeling the last day or two was all I felt. Where did the devastation go? Why didn’t I want to scream at the world? Believe me, it was a huge relief to not be feeling that way, since it’s not my way to do things. It’s just… why did I earlier? And not then?

A few hours later driving home and my thoughts began to turn to the next stage of packing. Then that little voice piped up in my head. The good voice I’ve been listening to that is… Oi! Slow One! Energy?! Remember energy?!

The lightbulb went off… “It’s the energy in the room!!” I shouted excitedly at the other cars. How embarrassing. Not that I shouted it out, but at the feeling of eyes rolling At Me in my Own Head! Lol, I can be a bit slow at times. The answer was there all the time. I’ve talked about energy the last weeks… often. Someone even mentioned energy to me yesterday. It’s in the books I’ve been reading. Yep, a bit slow at times.

Meant only one thing… time to clear the house and especially my son’s bedroom of negative energy.


Image: graur razvan ionut /


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