Curry bribery

I did plan to be on the road tonight, except, well, something came up. A conversation with my brother this afternoon when he came home from work…

Hey, I’ll be hitting the road soon.

What? Now?

In about an hour.

Nooo, you shouldn’t be leaving this late. Have a good sleep and leave in the morning. Too late to leave now.

Oh my, is this my brother sounding like our mother? It’s earlier than when I headed down.

I suppose so. *pause* I’m making a lamb curry tonight.

Okay, a good night’s sleep it is. *chuckle*


My brother has the whole parent thing down. When logic fails turn to bribery. The curry was very yummy and well worth waiting to leave!


Oh Hunters, how I miss thee…

Hunters and Collectors that is. I can’t remember if I ever saw them live. It’s in my mind that I did, but I can’t remember more than a shadow of a memory, so not certain if I actually did. Either way, one of my favourite bands from back then.

Hunters and Collectors – Throw your arms around me.

Oddities in the hunt for work

Besides the internet being slowed to the pace of a snail on a bender, yes that slow, this hunt for work has been both interesting and full of thrills. The great thing about looking for work in Sydney is the amount of administrative type work available. This is so different to the Gold Coast, which has more shops per capita than anywhere else in the world. That little fact shocked me when I learned it last year. Although it does explain why so many small businesses go out of business there. Ma and Pop move to sunny climes and open up the store they always dreamed of with no real understanding of running a store, at least to make money, in an area that is filled to the brim with stores.

Having so many small retail stores means that retail work is plentiful on the Gold Coast and getting administrative work is like finding gold. Sydney is different and I’m loving seeing so many jobs that make me squirm as I whisper… Ooo, I want it!

The job hunt has some oddities, one of which is the application processes different businesses use. It seems the days are gone when I’d pore over the newspaper in the morning, ringing a potential employer before sending in an application. Actually, three of my first four jobs in the 80s went from phone call to interview with no written application at all. Now it’s email a resume or fill out an online application.

The systems they use for online applications are kind of cool, although I try not to grind my teeth too much when I spend the time to enter all the relevant information they ask for and then find out that they want a resume to be uploaded as well. Really?! You couldn’t have read all that information from my resume anyway?! Some are better set up, upload resume first and bypass those sections that the resume covers. Let’s call that my selection process for who I’d rather work for. Efficiency for the win!

Now the strangest oddity that I ran into was this morning with an online application process that doesn’t ask for a resume and instead wants relevant skills or experience in 224 characters. Yes, characters, not words. Stunned is definitely understating my reaction. I’m getting better at short, but really? 224 characters? It’s not even two tweets! Even though I really am trying to give up my title of The Queen of Unnecessary Word Use, that was a lot of pressure for my chatter filled brain.

Success only took me one hour… 222 characters used to describe my relevant skills and experience. One hour. *shakes head and tries not to giggle*

There’s something about the past

There’s something comforting about the past and I don’t mean my own relatively short past, I’m talking about being able to look further back. Walking through The Rocks on Saturday, I remembered what I used to love the most about the place… walking around a corner and seeing a sign explaining the history of that particular street or building. Some of them bring the past to life.

Maybe there’s a little part of me that imagines today won’t be forgotten. That sometime in the distant future someone else will walk the streets that I’ve walked and be taken back to today while reading little boards explaining the history of the area. Who knows, maybe by then they’ll be able to download a hologram tour guide app onto their phones *pauses* Admit it, that would be kinda cool. I’d want my tour guide to have a sense of humour. Seriously, could you imagine being told the history of a place with the hologram equivalent of a GPS navigator? Fall asleep anyone?

Anyway, touching the past. Walk down a cobbled lane and read about people walking and living on this exact same lane 200 plus years ago, living their lives, building a new life for themselves and their families. Watching the boys play on an adventure playground and read about children playing on this same corner for generations. Is that a nurse in her uniform I just imagined brush past me on her way to the colony’s first hospital? Touching the past. That always touches me.

My Zen revenge… more?

Zen Revenge Here we go again. Another month of half quotes in my inbox, leads to another challenge with me attempting my tongue-in-cheek revenge.

I really should learn to make a note of what pops into my head when I first open the email.

Maybe next time.

  • March 1 – The sound of the water… running will have you running.
  • March 2 – The quieter you become, the… louder the water running becomes.
  • March 3 – There is a reality. We… just threw a slice of pizza at it.
  • March 4 – When walking, walk. When eating,… drink plenty.
  • March 5 – You begin saving the world… by admitting your sense of humour needs work.
  • March 6 – The world is like a… slice of pizza. The anchovies can stay off!
  • March 7 – Dissent is the highest form… of being a pain in the @ss.
  • March 8 – What is the color of… Noble Green? You know that blue colour Mazda had?
  • March 9 – Do not search for the… toilet brush in a bachelor pad. Seriously. Don’t.
  • March 10 – In the landscape of spring,… the flies at lamb tail docking are many.
  • March 11 – Nothing is permanent in this… Gemini mind.
  • March 12 – When you’re deluded, every statement… makes sense.
  • March 13 – In true dialogue, both sides… wonder at each other’s sanity.
  • March 14 – In true dialogue, both sides… wonder why it’s the same quote two days in a row.
  • March 15 – Those who do not want… already have a big screen.
  • March 16 – He who asks a question… is left with more questions.
  • March 17 – Without the tao, Kindness and… green beer means little.
  • March 18 – Thousands of candles can be… a lot of breath to put out.
  • March 19 – Do not overrate what you… think of the speed of drying paint.
  • March 20 – Medicine and disease cure each… other.
  • March 21 – No thought, no reflection, no… clue.
  • March 22 – Be not afraid of growing… garlic in a vacuum.
  • March 23 – What is the color of… sapphire heels in the dark.
  • March 24 – If you light a lamp… be prepared to chew your arm off.
  • March 25 – When an ordinary man attains… a clean bathroom. Watch out.
  • March 26 – Do not entertain hopes for… this to be funnier than last month.
  • March 27 – The torch of doubt and… extra hot chilli sauce.
  • March 28 – What is the color of… trouble? Ruby red comes to mind.
  • March 29 – Do not mistake understanding for… that chilly feeling in your feet after rain.
  • March 30 – We cannot see our reflection… in a cold beer.
  • March 31 – Be not afraid of growing… a second left foot. Safety dance is overrated.

And there we go, a Quarter of the year is gone! Now, I so wish I hadn’t reminded myself of that!


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Impatient nature?

cross stitchI was sitting out on my brother’s balcony thinking about yesterday’s post and how I’d said I’m impatient by nature.

I was thinking about the pastels I did that hang on the walls of my ex-sister-in-law’s house and how I never wanted to paint. I hated waiting for paint to dry. Pastels are fast! Yep, I said to myself, I have an impatient nature.

Then I walked inside, saw this cross stitch and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I made this for my brother one Christmas around 14 years ago. It’s about 8 inches tall… and this thing took me months to do!

Impatient nature? *rolls eyes*

A quick reminder about labelling myself. Life isn’t black or white, there’s a whole lot of grey that fits inbetween.

So, when I thought about long drives again… it’s not the slow speed I hate, but the lack of adrenaline that keeps me going. Driving overnight in my car (my favourite)… yeah, that keeps me going.